About Advanced Biometrics

ABI’s President, Iain Drummond, has been directly involved with biometric development since 1998. His prior experience includes managing the operations of a major multinational computer company in South-East Asia, India, and the Middle East, before being appointed President of the Canadian subsidiary.

Iain was appointed CEO of Imagis Technologies Inc in Vancouver in 1998, a company which he took public the following year.  Imagis had the skills in-house to develop face recognition technology in response to law enforcement users of its arrest & booking system.  This was highly successful and was used used extensively by county and municipal police departments in the USA (mostly California) and Canada, as well as by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.   Iain led the company’s development of the Childbase pedophilic image processing system for the National Crime Squad in the UK, the largest system of its kind anywhere in the world. ChildBase, which included scene, object, and face recognition, was launched at the House of Lords in London.

In 2010 Iain was appointed CEO of Vancouver-based face recognition software development company, Face Forensics Inc.

More recently, Iain was President & CEO of one of the most successful developers of facial recognition technology, and was directly involved in its effective use by government agencies and other organizations in various parts of the world. This provided him with invaluable experience in the application of biometrics (principally facial recognition and fingerprinting) to real-world problems.

Iain has been involved with the application of biometrics in the areas of law enforcement, airport security, counter-terrorism, access control, immigration, and drivers’ licenses. 

Iain has given numerous presentations and advised on the use of biometrics to the governments of the US, UK, Canada, Finland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, as well as many private sector organizations.